Ronan by Clinet – Bordeaux AOC wines

Cha?teau Clinet has carved its place in history with its eponymous wines. In 2009, the estate added Ronan by Clinet to its range, a collection of unpretentious, generous wines, inspired by the current owner’s philosophy and by the underrated potential of lesser-known terroirs. The labels bring Ronan to life: a dandy speeding along on his bicycle, eager to share the best things in life.

To understand Ronan by Clinet, it’s worth exploring the mantras Ronan lives by.

Harmony with nature

Having swapped his pair of Oxfords for a pair of boots, Ronan lives a few kilometres north-east of Bordeaux, immersed in the undulating landscape. Surrounded by his family, Ronan selects the vines whose fruit will create the wines that carry his name. Amidst orchards, beehives and grazing animals, these vineyards are precious dwellings where family life and work are, harmoniously, one and the same.

Power of good judgement

Ronan believes it is essential to take a step back before stepping forward in the right direction. Determined to make wines that represent the best of Bordeaux, he has sought juiciness and grace on the outskirts of Entre- Deux-Mers, fresh acidity from Co?tes-de-Bordeaux, and ravishing intensity on the limestone plateaus of Co?tes-de-Castillon. Ronan and his team then sculpt Ronan by Clinet from the best fruit, producing wines that are teasing, expressive, seductive, and perfectly balanced.

Respect the time it takes

Although constantly busy and on the move, Ronan knows it is fundamental to pause and cherish the truly important things. Only time and attention allow him to uncover the deepest secrets of each terroir. Ronan and his team harness the forces of Nature to bring the grapes to optimal maturity. In the winery, aromas and structure develop during months of ageing. Every second devoted to expressing terroir contributes to Ronan by Clinet’s delightful complexity.

Build good relationships

However determined and independent, Ronan is well aware that only a strong, dynamic team can bring Ronan by Clinet to life – a chain of human talent linking root to glass. Ronan is surrounded by a family of loyal partners, from vineyard workers to label designers, from sommeliers to wine merchants, that move onwards and upwards together.

Make the most of it

The wildest adventure is life itself, with challenges at every corner. In the vines, Mother Nature can be spontaneous and unpredictable. But Ronan believes that each storm leaves the next glass half full.

Share life’s pleasures

Ronan loves to share – passions, ideas, feelings… or simply good times! Ronan by Clinet wines find their rightful place among friends, delighting the table as a glass is poured between lively exchanges and bursts of laughter. The wines are enjoyed with affection, enthusiasm and – in true Ronan spirit – the desire to continue sharing this pleasure.

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Ronan by Clinet – Bordeaux AOC wines  
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