Celebrating 20 years of the Decanter World Wine Awards: 2023 entries open

DWWA 2023 entries open

Celebrating its 20th year, Decanter World Wine Awards has firmly solidified its standing as the world’s largest and most influential wine competition.

Hundreds of the world’s leading wine experts are recruited to judge at the competition, with country- and regionally-specific panels meticulously organised to ensure wines are judged by specialists in their field.

DWWA 2023 Co-Chair Sarah Jane Evans MW comments, ‘We have colleagues at DWWA who are winemakers, Master Sommeliers, retailers, wine buyers, distributors, writers and Masters of Wine — each one of them is assessing the wines from a slightly different aspect, and out of that what we get is a brilliant independent decision.’

Entries open – Enter DWWA 2023 here

Acclaimed for the rigorous judging process, Decanter World Wine Awards results are trusted internationally with promotion of the awards benefiting from the competition’s unrivalled global reach.

‘Decanter World Wine Awards is truly a global benchmark for wine quality’ says Andrew Jefford. ‘Not only do we have wines coming to us from all over the world, but we also have top judges coming from all over. We are the biggest competition in the world, but also I truly believe that we are the most trusted.’

In 2022 the Co-Chair panel grew with Ronan Sayburn MS joining Sarah Jane Evans MW, Andrew Jefford and Michael Hill Smith MW. The competition will again see these top wine authorities come together to oversee the 2023 competition.

New for 2023

The quantity and quality of wines bottled in alternative packaging continues to grow, and for the first time in the competition’s 20 year history DWWA entries will be open to wines packaged in cans, bag-in-box, Tetra Pak, pouch and other packaging formats.

Wines packaged in cans, bag-in-box, cartons, pouches, PET and paper bottles will be accepted for judging at the 2023 competition.

These wines won’t be judged as a separate category, but rather organised and judged by country, region, colour, grape, style, vintage and price point alongside its peers to accurately benchmark wine quality ?— whether that comes in glass or other.

Also new for 2023, wines from Bordeaux will be judged one week before the first stage of DWWA judging to ensure the competition’s top Bordeaux specialists are available to judge entries ahead of Bordeaux en primeur week.

Entries are open now until 10 March 2022. Why enter the Decanter World Wine Awards? Find out more in our entry pack

Key dates for 2023

24 February 2023
Consolidated shipping deadline

10 March 2023
Entry, payment and delivery deadline

24 April to 6 May 2023
Decanter World Wine Awards 2023 judging

7 June 2023
DWWA 2023 results announced on Decanter.com

Entries open – Enter DWWA 2023 here

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