Daily Wine News: Bottle Recycling

“By this time next year, several Bay Area wineries will be making a request to their customers: Please return your wine bottle to us after you’ve emptied it,” reports Esther Mobley in the San Francisco Chronicle. “To some drinkers, surely, it will sound like an inconvenience. But creating a circular economy for wine bottles in California could potentially be revolutionary, advocates say.”

“Given this history of colonization, wealth inequality, and the ongoing climate crisis, activists say that change in the industry is both imminent and necessary. In California and beyond, a new generation of winemaker-activists are using hybrid and indigenous grapes to create transformational change. Their goal…is to use “wine and ferments as a vehicle to enact land justice and social justice—all of which ties back to agriculture.” In the Nation, Colleen Hamilton explores the new generation of winemakers who want to see change in the industry.

In the Drinks Business, Amanda Barnes explores the País revival in Chile. “It was Chile’s most-planted variety until the late 1800s, and although plantings have dwindled to around 10,000 hectares today there is a renewed interest in the variety…But the País revival has been driven by interest in old vines, rather than new…”

Most grapevines may be able to survive lighter infestations of spotted lanternflies with few ill effects, a new Penn State study suggests.

In Wine Enthusiast, Aleks Zecevic offers an in-depth wine lover’s guide to Vienna.

On his blog, Alfonso Cevola considers Italy’s 2022 vintage, as well as how impending economic, environmental, agricultural and social turmoil can and will affect the country’s wine industry.

Montana’s wine industry is growing thanks to hybrids.

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