Daily Wine News: Hot Hot Hot

Napa’s recent forecast.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley reports on how the year’s temperature surge is impacting California vineyards. “What resulted, during the last week, was a race through the vineyards, as many Bay Area winemakers rushed to get grapes off the vines before they baked. Some wineries harvested so much fruit all at once that they risked running out of space for it all in their wineries. Many had to contend with the possibility of rolling blackouts, forcing them to rush to finish all their work before the late afternoon, lest the power go out while a press is full of grapes.”

Bloomberg considers the financial impact of California’s heat wave on the 2022 vintage.

In Wine-Searcher, W. Blake Gray is also looking at how the heatwave is forcing California winemakers to ask hard questions, particularly when it comes to their cool-climate grapes.

In Modern Farmer, I write about the garden at Somerston Estate in Napa Valley that feeds migrant vineyard workers. “You’ve got these amazing workers who’ve given up what they consider to be their bedrock, their farm, their way of life, to come here and try to do something better for their family. Being able to provide a small window into their previous life, I mean, how could you not?”

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates has acquired Oregon’s fast-growing A to Z Wineworks brand, as well as its sister label, Rex Hill, Wine Spectator reports.

In Wine Enthusiast, Jacy Topps talks with the Chicks about how they got into the wine business.

Dave McIntyre says it’s time for wax seals on wine bottles to go in the Washington Post.

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