Premium South American whites: panel tasting results

South American white wines

Amanda Barnes, Ben Gubbins and Dirceu Vianna Junior MW tasted 75 wines, with six Outstanding and 48 Highly recommended.

Premium South American whites panel tasting scores

75 wines tasted

Exceptional 0

Outstanding in 6

Highly recommended 48

Recommended 21

Commended 0

Fair 0

Poor 0

Entry criteria: producers and UK agents were invited to submit white wines with availability in the UK or US priced at £20/$20 or above, single varietal or blends, from any grape and any vintage

I’m giving scores of above 90 like I’ve never given before!’ exclaimed fellow panel taster Dirceu Vianna Junior MW, as we were getting to the end of a long, but delicious day of tasting. ‘I have been involved with Decanter for more than 10 years and I cannot remember such a success rate.’

Vianna was not alone in his enthusiasm. Together we tasted 75 wines, and 72% of those wines scored 90 points or above. At Decanter, that means it is a wine that has complexity and precision – a benchmark wine. Anything that touches, or even nearly touches, Gold at 95pts is not only exemplary but thrilling. And we tasted some thrilling wines.

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