Roagna: Producer profile & 11 wines tasted


An old, worn wooden stool appears from the darkness of the cellar, upon which Luca Roagna arranges a perfectly rinsed pair of Zalto Burgundy glasses, a corkscrew and a glass spittoon. Then he walks through the tunnels of the cellar in search of the latest vintages of his prestigious crus, yet to be released: the 2016 and the 2006 Riserva; an outstanding combination.

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No label, no capsule, no DOCG strip. Not yet at least. Only the corks marked with the vintage and the vineyard name allow us to identify the wines, illuminated by a spotlight which makes the old stool appear as if an altar.

This is the austere, respectful, passionate and consistent style of Roagna, a family estate of rural origins now in its fourth generation with Luca at the helm, preceded by his father Alfredo, and his father before him, Giovanni, and dating back to Vincenzo and Rosa who at the end of the last century were among the first ever to produce Barbaresco.