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Vinography Images: Carneros Sunrise

Vines shine bright in the light of the sunrise at Schug Winery’s vineyards in the Carneros AVA in Sonoma County. Spanning both Sonoma and Napa counties, Carneros has become famous for both its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. INSTRUCTIONS:Download this image by right-clicking on the image and selecting “save link as” or “save target as” and then select the desired location …

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The Headline: Russian lawmaker suggests reclaiming Fort Ross on Sonoma Coast as payback for US sanctions

Sometimes you read something that causes facepalm, and you find yourself dropping your head and into your hands. This headline… “Russian lawmaker suggests reclaiming Fort Ross on Sonoma Coast as payback for US sanctions…” is one of those times. [PHOTO Purchased: credit lensw0rld, all rights reserved.] Time for a little California history, on how the […] Source : https://www.wine-blog.org/index.php/2022/03/20/the-headline-russian-lawmaker-suggests-reclaiming-fort-ross-on-sonoma-coast-as-payback-for-us-sanctions/

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grown-up tricycle | Shot with three off-camera strobes (Leic…

Shot with three off-camera strobes (Leica SF60/Leica SF C1 trigger). Flash A modified with MagMod MagSnoot aimed at lable, 1/8 power. Flash B modified with MagMod MagGrid, aimed behind subject a slight angle to background, vertical direction, 1/8/power. Flash C unmodified, at 45 degree angle with bounce card in place.   Done Source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/51948378741/in/[email protected]

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Wine Reviews: Italy

Spring has sprung, and I hope you all have some delicious wines and food in your future with friends and family. This week, I’m focusing on a handful of wines from Italy. From Piedmont in the north to Campania in the south, there are some serious values here. Barbera d’Asti has been a reliable fount of delicious, inexpensive fun for …

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Reviving Rioja’s old vine heritage

Garnacha bush vines on Palacios Remondo’s La Montesa vineyard in the foothills of Monte Yerga Early in 2021, the Rioja DOCa authorities approved a number of measures aimed at preserving the old vines of the region – a strategy focusing on the vineyard rather than on the wines or their distribution. Although this initiative won’t be immediately reflected on the …

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