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Jameson unveils new ‘musical direction’ with Jameson Remastered

The first release in the collection, ‘Jameson Remastered’ represents a significant shift in direction for the well-known blended Irish whiskey brand, by bringing back a single pot still whiskey to the portfolio, celebrating the spirit of classic discontinued recipes from the Jameson archives. The 15 year old single pot still (a whiskey distilled and constructed from only malted and un-malted …

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Daily Wine News: Drink Georgian Wine

Kvevri in Georgia. (Wikimedia) In the Drop, Felicity Carter makes a case for drinking Georgian wine right now. “Made here for 8,000 years, wine is deeply interwoven with Georgia’s national identity.Mr. Putin knows this. He’s acutely conscious of the meaning of wine and the value of terroir — especially other people’s,” she writes. “Which gives the rest of us a …

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New group promotes regenerative viticulture in climate battle

Vineyards near Carcassonne in Languedoc, southern France. Launched at London fine wine club 67 Pall Mall on 28 March, the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation (RVF) is the brainchild of Stephen Cronk, owner of Maison Mirabeau in Provence. Cronk, who has seen extreme weather events ranging from exceptional frosts to the worst forest fires in living memory in the three years he …

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Best Spanish wines under £20

Spain has always offered great value for money but it’s still surprising to see just what you can get for £20 or less from this famous wine producing nation. From vintage Cava and aged red wines to racy, Atlantic-Ocean kissed whites and world-beating Sherries there’s value to be found everywhere. Best known for its Riojas – of both colours – …

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Domäne Wachau: producer profile

Wine tourists usually drive past cooperatives without stopping, and for good reason. Most of them operate on the principle of the lowest common denominator. Finding a home for tons of often mediocre grapes is the priority, not high-quality wine production. There are exceptions in Chablis, St-Emilion, Barbaresco – and in the town of Dürnstein in the Wachau. Scroll down to …

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Riverbend Inn | Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON | n8fire Riverbend Inn | Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON | n8fire *Riverbend Inn | Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON | n8fire