Daily Wine News: Concrete Craze

Picture-12In Wine-Searcher, Kathleen Willcox looks at how winemakers are embracing the concrete wine egg. “Whether it’s the actual physical properties imparted to the wine by the strange ovoid, the optics of its otherworldly appearance, pay-it-forward economics, or some combination, chances are, this Seussical creation has landed – or is about to – at the hippest winery near you.”

Vintner Stephanie Honig explains why wine cannabis is good for Napa Valley in SevenFifty Daily. “Napa is deservedly famous for its wine grapes, but this strength is also a drawback. Grapes make up 99 percent of the county’s agricultural crop, and a monoculture is not a good thing. Growing a variety of crops within a region fosters biodiversity and is healthier for the soil and the environment. In Napa County, the best use of the land is agriculture, and cannabis is an agricultural product.”

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre explores which wine gadgets are most useful, and which ones you can do without.

The purpose of the small pour is for the customer to ensure the wine isn’t corked. But what’s the right response if the customer hates the wine? Robert Joseph offers some thoughts in Meininger’s.

On his blog, Jamie Goode also explores the answer to the question: When is it acceptable to reject a wine in a restaurant?

In Wine Enthusiast, Anna Archibald explores Des Moines’ growing wine scene.

Can Manseng Noir help save Southwest France from climate change? In the Buyer, Peter Dean visits Gascony to find out.

Source : http://www.terroirist.com/2019/08/daily-wine-news-concrete-craze/