The massacres are trump’s fault, and everybody knows it!

Amy Klobuchar, the Democratic Senator from
Minnesota who’s running for president, was asked on Saturday if she blames
Trump for the El Paso Massacre. She responded no, she blames his rhetoric, not

What the hell does that mean? It’s like saying
you don’t blame Hitler for the Holocaust, but you blame Mein Kampf.

You can’t separate the speaker from the

These mass murders are on trump. He inspires
the killers. He gives them the dog whistles their psychotic ears long to hear.
He won’t denounce white nationalism because he IS a white nationalist.

Republicans have really painted themselves into
a corner. They’ve based their entire political appeal on neo-nazis, white thugs
and losers who hate people of color. Now they’ve opened a Pandora’s Box of
murder, violence and mayhem. The pressure is on Republicans—rightfully—to do
something, anything: condemn white nationalism. Pass stricter gun control laws,
such as universal background checks. Increase FBI and Homeland Security funding
to go after the young white males who are committing this domestic terrorism.

But Republicans can’t do it. They’d have to go after their own base. If they did, that base would turn against them. Rush Limbaugh—another racist—would scream bloody murder if trump even suggested support for tighter gun restrictions. Hannity would blow his mind if trump called white nationalists (like Hannity) “evil” and vowed to stop them. The failing N.R.A. would rise up in righteous indignation. So it’s not going to happen.

Instead, trump will tweet meaningless
platitudes about hearts and minds. He’ll claim to be against all murders. And
he’ll continue to insist that the real threat to our safety is brown-skinned
rapists and murderers flooding across the southern border.

Lies. But the ignorant trailer trash who
constitute his base will believe anything he says. In between burping their
Pabst Blue Ribbon and laundering their white sheets for the next Klan rally,
they’ll reassure each other that trump is a good ole boy, on their side, a
fighter who wants to keep America white and Christian. They’ll see right
through Trump’s winking-and-nodding which lets them off the hook. And more of
them will burst into another Wal-Mart someplace and mow down a few dozen more innocent

We’ve all been waiting for the tipping point
for close to three years. There have been many false reports that, finally,
trump has gone too far. Could this be
the true tipping point? I waited all day Sunday for any senior Republicans to come
out against trump’s hate mongering. Don’t mince words—just come out and say it,
because everybody knows it’s true: these mass murders are on trump.

But I waited in vain. Sunday was the day Republicans should have spoken up. They didn’t. To the extent they said anything at all, it was along the lines of the absurdity of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who said the problem is—not the epidemic of guns, not white nationalism, not trump stirring up hatred and inspiring mass murderers—but mental health! On Breitbart, they didn’t even report on El Paso, beyond citing an early report before they quashed the news. No update. No criticism. No mourning. Instead, more crap about AOC, about The Squad, about Hillary. Breitbart’s neo-nazi editors scoured the Internet to find a single instance of a Latino who murdered someone. Twenty dead in El Paso, nine slaughtered in Dayton, and not a word of condemnation from the racists at Breitbart, just more stoking up fear about brown-skinned people.

Trump, under tremendous pressure, took to the
airwaves this morning. But what did he say? What could he say? He knows he’s guilty.
He knows he can’t talk his way out of this. Crocodile tears! This loathsome
creature was like some insect, caught in the light, while a foot is about the
come down on it. “We vow to act,” the liar-in-chief said; but he offered
nothing except “thoughts…

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