Daily Wine News: A Matter of Taste

(Flickr: piker77)

(Flickr: piker77)

“When people have been through wine exams, or train as winemakers, they have a fixed notion of what wine should be. This is seen most clearly when it comes to discussions on natural wines, and their supposed faultiness,” writes Jamie Goode on his blog. “We are all different and we are all free to own our own preferences. But we should be cautious before we dismiss or criticize wines that fall outside of our normal parameters for what is ‘correct’, recognizing that we humans have a tendency to become staunch defenders of rules that we have learned.”

Fans of natural wines claim that conventional winemakers are creating manipulated and artificial products. Robert Joseph pens a defense of winemaking technology in Meininger’s.

In Decanter, Stephen Brook looks at how an influx of established Italian producers from beyond Sicily has sparked a leap forward in quality and global interest in
Etna. (subscription req.)

“Adele “Boots” Brounstein, who cofounded Napa Valley’s legendary Diamond Creek winery with her husband, Al, and helped guide the winery for more than half a century, died July 31 following a brief illness. She was 92,” reports Augustus Weed in Wine Spectator.

Joshua Greene also remembers Adele “Boots” Brounstein in Wine & Spirits Magazine.

Jancis Robinsons compares wine writing and restaurants writing.

In the Daily Camera, Doug Brown explores why Spain is one of the most exciting wine countries, and how Boulder restaurants are embracing the country’s wines.

In SOMM Journal, Irene Moore delves into the world of Greek wines.

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