Daily Wine News: How the Year 2004 Changed Wine

The movie Sideways premiered in 2004.

The movie Sideways premiered in 2004.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley offers a fascinating look at how the year 2004 transformed wine. “…though it might not have looked like it at the time, 2004 would turn out to be the most pivotal year in California wine of this millennium. It was the year that the movie “Sideways” premiered and turned a generation into Pinot Noir drinkers. The year that the California Supreme Court told Bronco Wine Co. it couldn’t put “Napa” on the labels of non-Napa wines. The year that California’s two most prominent winery IPOs — Robert Mondavi Winery and the Chalone Wine Group — came crashing down… Most of all, 2004 was the vintage that finally fulfilled the ideal of ripeness that the California wine industry had been gradually moving toward since the late 1990s.”

In SevenFifty Daily, winemaker Dan Petroski explains why Napa Valley needs to start talking about climate change. “We cannot blame the previous generation for climate change—they didn’t have the undeniable proof that we are faced with. But when I think about the farmers and winemakers who will succeed us, what I fear most is that they will know that we knew.”

Gary Vaynerchuk has re-entered the wine business with a new direct-to-consumer wine company called Empathy.

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov offers notes on manzanilla sherry, and announces what’s up next for Wine School: Italian reds made with “unusual grapes.”

In the Buyer, Kate Hawkings delves into the indigenous wines of Croatia.

Alfonso Cevola calls Ian D’Agata’s latest book, Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs, “the 2nd most important book about Italian wine ever.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Christina Pickard highlights great examples of Australian Riesling.

Elsewhere in Wine Enthusiast, Sarah E. Daniels talks with Sarah Jessica Parker about her partnership with Invino Wine.

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