To impeach, or not to impeach

That’s been this raging debate in the
Democratic Party lately. The pro-impeachment side—which definitely includes me—argues
that trump (I will no longer capitalize his name) is morally and legally unfit
to be president. The other side—which apparently still includes a majority of House
Democrats who follow Speaker Pelosi—argues that impeaching him now would hand
the 2020 election to the Republicans—not only the presidency, but the Senate
and possibly the House as well.

Frankly, this “debate” disgusts me. The time to
begin impeachment hearings against trump in the House Judiciary Committee was last
when we after the Mueller Report came out. We’ve earned very little
since then. Yes, I realize that Pelosi and her supporters argue that we have to
build up support among the American people before we can move towards
impeachment. I have nothing against building up support; but it seems like the
Democrats are simply stalling or, worse, bumbling. They look like a confused
party, waiting for something to happen. Nothing will happen until they make it

The white nationalists on the Republican side will
never turn against trump. Never, ever, for any reason, because they’ve lost
their minds. Evangelical psychosis and neo-nazi hatred have turned off their
valves of rational thinking. They don’t want a free, diverse America, they want
some ugly dictatorship of preachers led by a strong man, namely, their fuhrer,
trump. There’s no way to convince them they’re wrong. They have to be brutally

I believe that a majority of the American
people don’t want that crowd to win. The question is, will the American people
be allowed to express their will at the polls? If they don’t vote, their will
counts for shit. If they do, will the results be fairly counted? There’s no
doubt in my mind that trump and Putin are working out some kind of scheme whereby
the Russians manipulate the election results so that trump is re-elected even
when/if he really isn’t. That’s what it’s come to: that’s the real meaning of “collusion.”
The colluder-in-chief is trump, but the second in command is the Majority
Leader, McConnell. In my long lifetime of studying U.S. history there is no
doubt in my mind that McConnell’s name will stand with those of Benedict Arnold
and Tokyo Rose as the domestic enemies of America.

When and if Democrats regain control of the U.S.
Senate, if McConnell is still there they must expel him, and then bring charges
against him—not only for colluding with trump and the Russians, but for what he
did to Merrick Garland. It’s common to say that the Russians declared cyberwar
against America in the 2016 elections. Let’s now be clear: McConnell declared
war against America when he refused to allow the Garland nomination.

When I hear from people who are as disturbed as
I am about this situation, I celebrate. I want to reach out and hug them. Thank
you! I’m not insane! You see it too! I was watching T.V. over the weekend and
there was a Democratic Congressman from New Jersey on one of the shows who was
anti-impeachment. He’s from a swing district; his constituents aren’t ready for
impeachment, he claimed, and he might lose his seat if the House goes forward
on it. I thought: Good! Lose your goddamned seat. If you’re more worried about
hanging on to your job than you are about our country, then be gone! No one who
calls herself a “Democrat” should be undecided anymore. If you’re not with us—with
freedom–you’re against us.

of my favorite quotes in U.S. history is from Benjamin Franklin: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” During the Revolution (and again, in the Civil
War), Americans had to decide which side they were on: good, or evil. We’re in
the same boat now. If you think you’re a Democrat but you’re against
impeachment, I invite you to leave the party. Go join the…

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