Daily Wine News: Cool Climates They Are a Changin’

The Mosel Valley. (Flickr: Megan Mallen)

The Mosel Valley. (Flickr: Megan Mallen)

Stuart Pigott asserts that cool climate is dead in Old Europe, providing the data to back up his claim. “Global warming just abolished cool climate viticulture there (though not in the New Europe of wine, by which I mean places like Poland, Denmark and England). This is particularly clear if you look at the Riesling regions of Europe.”

“In an industry where the concept of terroir is glorified and depicting a sense of place is seen as the purest form of perfection, how does describing a wine as Burgundian actually do anything for a wine at all?” In Wine-Searcher, Vicki Denig pushes back against the use of “Burgundian” when describing wine.

“Pioneering importers such as Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant, Becky Wasserman & Co., Louis/Dressner and Rosenthal Wine Merchant helped establish the practice for American wine drinkers back in the late 20th century, and it remains a true (if sometimes nuanced) way to shop today, aided and expanded by the work of a new generation of wine importers and distributors.” In the Los Angeles Times, Jordan Michelman points out that sometimes looking at a wine bottle’s back label can be more helpful than the front.

Jancis Robinson on why it pays to buy crus bourgeois: “…crus bourgeois do not require many a long year of storage charges, and it is much easier to buy mature vintages of them by the single bottle – unlike crus classés that are generally available only by the case and principally long before they are ready to drink. But the disadvantage of crus bourgeois is that they don’t appreciably gain in value. They are – amazingly – wines to drink!”

Layla Schlack talks to Mindy Kaling about her new partnership with Barefoot Wine in Wine Enthusiast.

In the New York Times, Rebekah Peppler recommends a few wine cocktails.

In Forbes, Jill Barth delves into native yeasts and spontaneous fermentation in wine.

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