Daily Wine News: Wine & Hip Hop

(Flickr: JonathanCohen)

(Flickr: JonathanCohen)

“In the wine industry, understanding the economic and cultural potential of hip hop has been a long time coming,” writes Emily Saladino in VinePair. “These days, new platforms bring music directly from artists to listeners, eliminating the need for radio approval. Similarly, American wine culture is shifting. Sommeliers, not critics, are the new tastemakers, Stone says, and people like Dustin Wilson and Andre Mack are creating more accessible and inclusive wine communities than the Robert Parkers of yesteryear.”

In Decanter, Liza Zimmerman reports that the creators of a new AI app have said it will translate wine bottle labels into any language, but says that several wine industry experts were not impressed with the new wine app.

Four new lawsuits show that the battle to give wine consumers true freedom of choice has just begun. In Wine Spectator, Mitch Frank looks at what the recent Supreme Court decision does—and doesn’t—say about wine.

Jamie Goode spends some time with Masi’s Sandro Boscaini, and looks at how he reinvented the process of appassimento.

Elin McCoy explores Japan’s “enticing” wines in Bloomberg.

In SevenFifty Daily, Rémy Charest delves into how winemakers analyze pH and its impact on wine.

The craze for sparkling wine shows no signs of slowing down, creating demand in new markets. In Meininger’s, Sophie Janinet reports on a bubbles-only bar in Sacramento.

And for some ridiculous wine news, Cheez-It and boxed wine brand House Wine are teaming up to sell a mash-up product of both for $25.

Source : http://www.terroirist.com/2019/07/daily-wine-news-wine-hip-hop/